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8:00 am Conference Registration & Networking

8:20 am Introduction from the LEAP HR Team: What it Takes to Make a Leap a Reality

8:30 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

Redefine Strategic HR with a Data-Driven People Program

8:40 am Discover: Leading a Data-Driven HR Strategy to Transform the Satisfaction of Your Logistics Workforce & Customers


  • What traditional thinking do we need to challenge as HR leaders to enable our firm and people to keep pace with the digital revolution in the logistics industry?
  • Leveraging the drive toward technology to transform your approach to HR service delivery for your workforce and customers
  • How Ryder’s HR team has implemented new technologies to transform into a digitally driven department and better support its 39,000+ employees and 50,000+ customers

9:00 am Discover: Re-Establishing the Value of HR Technology for Your Entire Logistics Firm: Streamlining Process & Driving Efficiency with a Bespoke Approach

  • Kimberly Schwab AVP, Compensation & HRIS , The Kansas City Southern Railway Company


  • What traditional thinking can we challenge to better leverage technology and provide a more streamlined, strategic HR service in a fast-paced global logistics company?
  • Driving new approaches to building and executing a bespoke technology roadmap that starts with HR and impacts every level of your business and workforce
  • How Kansas City Southern’s HR team has transformed its approach to technology to revitalize the firm’s learning & development, performance management, talent acquisition, automation, and diversity & inclusion initiatives for over 7,000 staff across two countries

9:20 am Discover: Redefining HR Impact in Logistics: Building People Data into the Science Behind Business Success

  • Todd Drass Vice President of Human Resources, Lineage Logistics


  • How can HR in logistics be more proactive in the way we utilize data to drive decisions at all levels of the business?
  • What new measures can we take to increase retention: Creating the culture and leadership that makes employees stay
  • How Lineage Logistics has transformed its approach to data-driven decision making to better inform HR strategy across over 8,000 employees

9:40 am Discover: Leveraging Digital Transformation to Drive Your Talent Acquisition Strategy 


HR digital transformation allows companies to improve their recruitment process to ensure they are attracting top talent who will best represent their organization, while simultaneously removing obstacles they had previously faced. As HR professionals, what needs to change about our approach to high volume hiring to truly meet the needs of our logistics firms with top, qualified talent?

This past year has forced organizations to adapt to a digital environment, merely speeding up the inevitable. Join us to learn why accelerating your HR digital transformation process is imperative for the success of your organization’s hiring. In this session, you’ll learn:

  • Why digital transformation of the workforce is a top priority for logistics organizations
  • Tips for how to optimize your HR recruiting operations while increasing user engagement and the overall candidate experience
  • Importance of converging the consumer and employer brand

10:00 am Develop: What Can We Learn from the Logistics People Leaders Leveraging Technology & Data to Get the Most From Their Workforce?

  • Lesley Kerr Vice President of Human Resources, Ryder
  • Kimberly Schwab AVP, Compensation & HRIS , The Kansas City Southern Railway Company
  • Todd Drass Vice President of Human Resources, Lineage Logistics
  • Sean Behr CEO, Fountain


Question & Answer Session Facilitated by the Chair

10:20 am Speed Networking Break

Champion Next-Level Communication Strategies to Strengthen Your Transportation Firm Inside & Out

10:50 am Discover: Driving a People-First HR Strategy to Boost Front-Line Associate Engagement, Culture & Drive Business Scale

  • Helene Sanford Chief Human Resources Officer , Saddle Creek Logistics Services


  • What does it take to transform your HR department into a strategic function that can support the scaling of your logistics firm?
  • Rethinking the value of employee engagement in driving business growth: What are the fundamental HR strategies that will allow your business to thrive?
  • How Saddle Creek Logistics has taken a high-touch communication strategy to instill a culture of trust throughout its 4,700 associates and contribute to consistent annual growth for over 50 years

11:10 am Discover: Leading a Non-Traditional Approach to Communication to Bolster Your Team’s Engagement from the Back Office to the Highway

  • Katie Helton Chief Human Resources Officer , Jack Cooper Transportation


  • How can HR lead a more diverse and effective approach to communicating and engaging with every layer of a logistics firm – including the front-line workforce, drivers, and corporate staff
  • What it takes to develop and execute a communication strategy that truly engages every level of your logistics firm
  • How Jack Cooper Transportation has taken a multi-pronged approach to employee communication and engagement using apps, a podcast, tablet communications and more to keep its 2,400 employees consistently engaged, informed, and supported

11:30 am Discover: Recruiting is Sales: How to Train Recruiters in Sales for Better Conversions


Eager to learn the parallels that exist between sales and recruiting? Discover why recruiting managers should be teaching sales strategies and techniques, and how approaching the recruiting process with a sales first mentality, can lead to more conversions.

Key takeaways include:

  • How to build and maintain a recruiting team with a sales-led focus
  • Essential sales strategies to incorporate into your recruiting process
  • How adopting a sales driven approach can lead to more wins and higher retention rate
  • ‘Exactly What To Say’ so your conversations will lead to more conversions

11:50 am Develop: How Can We Enable New Heights of Engagement in the 24/7 Logistics Industry?


Question & Answer Session Facilitated by the Chair

12:10 pm Break

Create a New Standard for Employee Health & Benefits

12:40 pm Discover: Driving a Value-Driven Approach to Employee Health & Benefits to Transform the Engagement & Wellness of Your Front-Line Workforce


  • What traditional thinking around compensation and benefits in the logistics industry needs challenging to fully service both our corporate and front-line workforce?
  • How can we effectively meet both the needs of our employees and the needs of our business with a comprehensive benefits package?
  • How ArcBest is setting a new benchmark for employee healthcare by driving an inhouse health service for 13,000 employees – creating negative trends in spend, and achieving engagement scores in the 80th percentile

1:00 pm Discover: Re-Writing the Rulebook on Healthcare & Benefits in Logistics to Radically Cut Spending & Enhance Employee Satisfaction


  • What traditional thinking do we need to challenge around benefits structures to create an offering that meets both the needs of your workforce and logistics firm?
  • New approaches to curating a comprehensive benefits package in a cost-effective manner with the use of non-traditional partners and solutions
  • How Dupré Logistics has transformed its approach to healthcare and benefits for 1,300 employees to drive employee satisfaction and cut spending by 40% in 4 years

1:20 pm Develop: What Are the Most Critical Aspects of a Leading Employee Healthcare & Benefits Strategy?


Question & Answer Session Facilitated by the Chair

1:40 pm Closing Remarks & End of Conference Day One